Specialized Helicopter Services

Ansell & Brown Aviation is a Specialty Helicopter company mainly serving Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and the Carolinas. Providing full-service helicopter support including heavy lift aerial cranes, transmission line construction, power line and pipeline inspections, storm patrols, construction, surveys and HEC (human external cargo). 

We maintain a diverse fleet of helicopters (linked to Our Aircraft page) and offer rapid response times anywhere across the Southeastern United States. We have vast experience in safe and advantageous helicopter solutions and work diligently alongside your company or organization to achieve a cost-effective, strategic and high-performance answer to your needs.

Explore our services below to meet any unique schedule, budget and operational demands in your industry, with professional helicopter services from Ansell & Brown Aviation.

Our Services.

Transmission Line Construction, Repair & Maintenance

We facilitate utility lines construction services through the delivery of work crews, tools and equipment to elevated project sites where logistical obstacles and inefficiencies are circumvented by professional helicopter assistance.


Ansell & Brown specializes in new powerline construction, routine maintenance, outages due to bad weather, infrastructure upgrades and overhauls, and a diverse-range of customizable services available for utility companies and contractors seeking faster, safer and more cost-effective transmission line solutions.

Heavy Lift & Construction

Aerial Cranes provide contractors a faster, safer and more cost-effective solution to construction, maintenance, equipment change-outs and services at elevated sites, ground sites and inaccessible or remote locations.


Communication tower construction for example often place work crews in awkward parameters that require vertical heavy equipment transportation, tiring and dangerous climbs, and the need for logistical innovations that can leave both personnel and equipment exposed to unnecessary risks. Helicopter aerial cranes and heavy lift can preclude common obstacles in construction and create a safer and more efficient environment.

Powerline Inspections

Skilled helicopter pilots and trained Observers at Ansell & Brown enable comprehensive aerial power line inspections for the identification of faulty equipment, hardware damage, poor connections and electrical discharge through visual inspection, precision aerial photography and advanced camera systems.


Our versatile pilots are on-call and ready to assist utility companies and contractors with acquiring immediate and accurate imagery of sites in remote locations or from otherwise inaccessible viewpoints, thus saving inspection costs, preserving equipment and expediting maintenance schedules.    

Pipeline Inspections

Ansell & Brown Aviation provides detailed and accurate aerial pipeline inspections. We ensure the entirety of your pipeline project is reliable, safe, and in perfect working order.

Skilled pilots, in combination with cutting-edge technologies, allow us to cover vast, undulating terrain and enormous lengths of pipeline, in a fraction of the time it would take ground vehicles with a superior level of technical precision.

Storm Patrols

Post-storm patrols with Ansell & Brown equip contractors, utility companies and rescue agencies with rapid-response aerial surveys and aerial photography of equipment and locations affected by storms and other natural disasters.


Our professional helicopter crews are accompanied by qualified observers and equipped with advanced camera systems to detect damage, outages, malfunctions, debris and the need for humanitarian response as a result of thunderstorms, tornadoes, flooding and hurricanes.

Human External Cargo (HEC)

We are qualified and experienced in delivering human external cargo (HEC) directly to elevated worksites via longline for rapid assessment, replacement and repairs of equipment, preventing personnel fatigue and risk associated with climbing.


HEC also allows us access to inaccessible areas and environmentally sensitive areas, reducing your footprint on the ground when needed most.  

Drones / UAV

Infrastructure inspections pose hazards to employees undertaking them. Road exposure, working at heights, live line work, adverse weather conditions, remote areas – the list goes on.

Drone inspections mitigate that risk by identifying problem areas with minimal exposure to ensure a physical site visit is required and to allow project planning to take place regarding maintenance / repairs.


Helicopters are the best way for clients to conduct comprehensive and efficient aerial surveys.


Compared to drones or unmanned aerial systems (UAS), helicopter aerial surveys are able to fly for hours at a time, at any altitude, in all airspace and take passengers with them.