FAA 133 External Load Certified with HEC.

Ansell & Brown Aviation is a FAR Part 133 Class A, B and C external load certified helicopter company with HEC.

Human External Cargo (HEC)

Human External Cargo allows us to expedite the transfer of personnel to and from structures or areas inaccessible by vehicles.  This method of transportation has proven time and time again to increases production and efficiency while maintaining safety.

The system we utilize on our aircraft is the HEC dual hook system by Onboard Systems. This system is purposely built to increase safety by incorporating both electrical and mechanical hook releases for each hook, creating a redundancy, minimizing an inadvertent release.


Safety is of paramount importance for Ansell & Brown Aviation.  Our aircraft have the new TALON LC Hydraulic Hook kit, that is a FAA STC-certified solution for a variety of 133 external load missions. These include HEC, high-value cargo transport, utility line work, short haul, and search & rescue.


Extensive training and retaining for our crews has been instrumental in maintaining their safety. We're also one of very few operators that conducts specific site training for every single job we conduct, reducing our risk and the risk to our client and sub-contractors.