Helicopter Heavy Lift Services

Ansell & Brown Aviation Offers,

Precision Helicopter Aerial Lift Services.

Ansell & Brown Aviation provides aerial crane services that achieve fast, accessible and cost-effective transportation of heavy and awkward loads to and from target locations across Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi. Helicopter lift services with Ansell & Brown are an ideal solution for transporting and installing a wide-variety of parts, equipment and objects that may otherwise be impeded from transit by logistical, financial, terrain and safety limitations.

All of our professional heavy lift helicopter pilots are experienced Rotorcraft External Load Operators (14 CFR Part 133 certificate), serving industries that include construction, oil and gas, electrical, salvage, telecom, government contractors, disaster relief and more with heavy lift helicopter services running on-time and on-budget. All of our aircraft utilized for heavy lift are Part 133 approved by the FAA.


Our fleet of highly-maintained aircraft can help you reach remote and inaccessible locations that include skyscraper rooftops, hilltops, mountain tops, oil rigs, isolated outdoor settings, environmentally protected areas, and other locations where conventional transport is no longer possible or cost-effective. We engage in a wide-variety of projects from rooftop unit placements and salvage operations to the construction of towers, antennas, transmission lines and ski lifts as well as fire suppression, research equipment and personnel transportation, and much more. 


When you partner with Ansell & Brown, you will receive a personalized service focused on a hassle-free assessment and timely execution of your project goals. Because heavy lift helicopter services are often required in ad hoc situations, we are equipped and ready for immediate deployment to handle unique project parameters all across locations in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi.  If you are seeking a rapid and cost-efficient solution to awkward or heavy load transportation now, please get in touch with Ansell & Brown today to discuss your objectives or book immediate aerial crane services.

Our Heavy Lift Aircraft



60XP is a unique aircraft that has been used for research and development purposes for multiple companies.  A former military Blackhawk she now resides in Pensacola FL where she's ready to operate at a moments notice.

  • Max Speed: 159 kts

  • Max Range: 320 nm

  • Service Ceiling: 19,151 ft

  • Max Empty Weight: 11,516 lbs

  • Max Takeoff Weight: 22,000 lbs

  • Crew Capacity: 4

  • Max External Load: 8000 lbs


Our MD500D helicopter, small yet powerful, delivers the highest speed, payload and productivity in its class. With a five-bladed main rotor and a 420-shp Rolls-Royce 250-C20B turbine engine, the MD 500D offers unparalleled versatility for the broadest range of customer-defined missions, not to mentioned an unprecedented safety record.

  • Max Speed: 156kts

  • Max Range: 200 nm

  • Service Ceiling: 16,000 ft

  • Max Empty Weight: 1,650 lbs

  • Max Takeoff Weight: 3,000 lbs

  • Crew Capacity: 4

  • Max External Load: 3550 lbs