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Precision Helicopter Aerial Lift Services.

Ansell & Brown Aviation specializes in Helicopter Lift Services & aerial cranes that are used to lift heavy or awkward loads that cannot be transported via traditional means, or when other methods are not viable or not economically feasible. One of the unique benefits of Ansell & Brown Aviation is that we can operate in rural areas to help transport parts, equipment, or personnel in otherwise awkward terrain. Ansell & Brown Aviation has many years of experience supporting clients in the industrial industry, including gas and electrical. Our pilots undergo stringent training to maintain the highest standards of performance and safety when it comes to the unique challenges of relocating equipment, raw materials, or data. All of our staff are also trained in relevant skills to ensure the best knowledge and mission readiness. Due to our dedication to reliability and quality service, connecting with Ansell & Brown Aviation is simple. Ansell & Brown Aviation operators are integrated and managed by professionals who specialize and are experienced in oil & gas, construction and aviation methods. We have partnered up with electric power companies, government contractors, and utility project managers to satisfy their construction needs. We recognize the time restraints of the industry, expediting the booking process, the transportation of equipment and working within stringent deadlines.

Our Heavy Lift Aircraft



60XP is a unique aircraft that has been used for research and development purposes for multiple companies.  A former military Blackhawk she now resides in Pensacola FL where she's ready to operate at a moments notice.

  • Max Speed: 159 kts

  • Max Range: 320 nm

  • Service Ceiling: 19,151 ft

  • Max Empty Weight: 11,516 lbs

  • Max Takeoff Weight: 22,000 lbs

  • Crew Capacity: 4

  • Max External Load: 8000 lbs


Our MD500D helicopter, small yet powerful, delivers the highest speed, payload and productivity in its class. With a five-bladed main rotor and a 420-shp Rolls-Royce 250-C20B turbine engine, the MD 500D offers unparalleled versatility for the broadest range of customer-defined missions, not to mentioned an unprecedented safety record.

  • Max Speed: 156kts

  • Max Range: 200 nm

  • Service Ceiling: 16,000 ft

  • Max Empty Weight: 1,650 lbs

  • Max Takeoff Weight: 3,000 lbs

  • Crew Capacity: 4

  • Max External Load: 3550 lbs


DUNS #: 080575635      |     Cage Code: 7VS89

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Ansell  & Brown Aviation LLC is a professional helicopter service founded in 2017 and located in Pensacola FL USA.

We're a FAA 133 External Load certified company and an equal opportunities employer.

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