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Emergency Inspections & Storm Patrols

Hurricanes, Thunderstorms, Fires, Floods, Tornadoes.

Being based in northwest Florida, we know all about storms and other natural disasters. Our location here in Pensacola FL, allows us to reduce storm patrol response time to anywhere in the southeastern United States, keeping us efficient and cost effective.

After natural disasters such as fire, tornadoes and hurricanes, the helicopter is the perfect platform to quickly inspect assets and ascertain any storm damage that may have occurred in a timely manner. This allows companies to allocate the right resources to the right locations getting production back up and running.

Our Emergency and Storm Patrols are conducted with highly trained and experience helicopter pilots and aircraft that are maintained to the highest standards. We're also able to help transfer crews and equipment to sites that are inaccessible by road. This puts assets closer to the problem reducing time and cost, increasing efficiency.


Emergency Inspections

Ansell & Brown Aviation can provide aircraft and support crews at a moments notice to rapidly response to various developing situations.

Damaged to infrastructure such as power lines, roads, waterways, railroads, and gas pipelines, may lead to property loss and in some cases injury or death. Our helicopter aerial inspections may prevent serious accidents if carried out rapidly  helping companies to make the right decision.


Visual inspection and video inspection including HD, UV, Corona, Thermographic and Radiometric are part of the helicopter aerial patrol services that Ansell & Brown Aviation will provide.


Many of the world’s major electrical power transmission lines pass through undeveloped and sparsely populated areas. Others go through built up areas, making it difficult and costly to implement the necessary, ground-based inspection programs. Loss of product through undetected damaged power lines dramatically reduces profitability.


Ansell & Brown Aviation utilizes the best power line inspection systems available on the market to accommodate your client-specific requirements.


Our talented technical team is capable of translating the raw scanning data into any format you require. From packaging data into a report, or overlaying it on to satellite imagery, we are ready to assist you in maximizing your data and its presentation.

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