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Professional Aerial Pipeline Inspections

Need a Helicopter Aerial Pipeline Inspection?

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Why use a helicopter for pipeline inspections?

Natural gas is a crucial energy source for 75 million American households and businesses.  The natural gas transmission system in the US comprises of more than 300,000 miles of pipeline and over 1.3 million miles of distribution lines. As new pipeline construction becomes more difficult, Ansell & Brown Aviation is able to conduct airborne inspections to help with maintaining existing infrastructure, increasing its reliability and safety.


Aircraft especially helicopters are a critical asset in surveying natural gas transmission pipelines. Their ability to cover vast, undulating areas in a fraction of the time it would take ground vehicles sets them apart as an efficient and dependable resource. Expediting the notification of leaks or damage, not only improves the safety of existing infrastructure, workers and the general public but also improves profitability by reducing waste.

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Pipeline Sensors and Equipment

Airborne sensors are generally made up of two different types. Sampling sensors that take samples of the air as the aircraft moves along and a camera system that uses IR (infrared) or laser spectrometry, to detect problems from a distance know as standoff. When a plume of methane or hydrocarbons is detected around a pipeline indicating a leak, GPS and on-board mapping software records the plume’s location and intensity for reporting and repair.

For the sample sensor to be effective an aircraft needs to be within a few hundred feet of gas pipeline ROW (Right Of Way) and sometimes closer to the surface. This makes it ideal for helicopters to utilizes this type of equipment as well as a camera system. Airplanes however aren’t able to get this low due to regulations and safety, so utilize the camera system for aerial gas pipeline inspections.

At Ansell & Brown Aviation, we not only own and maintain our own aircraft and equipment but are readily available to conduct aerial pipeline inspections year-round. We take pride in knowing we put the safety of our team and clients above all else and ensure our crews are routinely trained and highly skilled for the task.

Pipeline Aerial Photography and Cinematography

Ansell & Brown Aviation is able to take high definition video of your pipeline right of way. Utilizing the latest Sony α7R IV 35 mm full-frame camera with 61 Mega Pixels.