Aerial Inspections & Surveys

IR, LiDAR, Corona, High Definition, Close Visual, Video

Helicopter inspections and surveys are quick, can cover a vast area in a short time, are safe and have a very low environmental footprint.

At Ansell & Brown Aviation we have conducted a multitude of aerial inspections and surveys.  Our aim is to ensure you get the quality data and information your company needs to make those important decision.

All our inspections are conducted with highly experienced helicopter pilots who have attended the 'Operating in the wires environment' course by UAS. It gives low-level flight crews the essential skills needed to safely operate an aircraft in wire and obstruction environments. To read more Click Here...

Type of Inspections & Surveys

  • Building energy efficiency surveys (Thermal)

  • Power Line inspections

  • Pipeline inspection, leak detection and identification of stress corrosion cracking areas

  • Railroad inspections

  • ROW (Right of way) vegetation inspection

  • Wildlife studies

  • Environmental inspections & surveys

  • Post disaster inspections

We know just how important it is to get your inspections or surveys done in a safe and expeditious manner.

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